The Complete Road Map From Spreadsheet Gnome to AI Wizard

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If you have finally decided to take the path from Excel-copy-and-paste to reproducible data science, then you will need to know the best route to take. The good news is that there is an abundance of free resources to get you there and awesome online communities to help you along the way. The bad news is that it can get overwhelming to pick which resources to take advantage of. This here is a no-nonsense guide that you can follow without regret, so you can spend less time worrying about the trail and more time trekking it. …

Unlocking the synergy between Google and clean energy developers

Bifacial Solar Panels (photo credit: author)

Over the years, Google has built strong relationships with clean energy developers through its innovative energy procurement. Building on those relationships, it could now boost its cloud platform business while driving down the costs of clean energy. Beyond demonstrating how to reach 100% carbon-free electricity consumption, Google can provide the tools enabling the energy industry to produce this goal. Here’s how.

Building Data Tools For Developers

Clean energy developers are big data companies, but most of them don’t know this yet; their tools certainly don’t. Most developers I know manage their files through email and analyze data through a web of spreadsheets that would impress…

Not Adopting Big Data Tools Will Mean Death In The Energy Industry

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Utility scale developers of solar, wind, and storage power plants compete in an industry with razor-thin margins, sky-high capital expenses, and drawn-out timelines. Every new development is a gamble that reveals its odds only after years and millions of dollars. Given the historic nature of the industry, most of the tools used to evaluate these developments are artefacts of the 20th century. However, “clean tech” branding has drawn the attention of big-data savvy firms entering the data-rich industry with a strong competitive advantage. …

The Dark Secrets Behind Your Programming Problems

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When learning data science, environment management consistently presents itself as a thorn in my side. Whether it’s getting code that previously ran to work again, trying to share an application I built with the rest of my team, or wondering why none of my command prompts work anymore, I have only learned about programming management whilst cursing under my breath. To save some late nights and headaches, here is a breakdown of what a program environment is and how data scientists can make them work for them instead of against them.


A program’s environment is the collection of software and…

An Introduction To Cloud Services For Data Scientists

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What is the cloud?

The cloud sounds like a magical place, where data lives entangled in the fabric of reality. It’s beautiful branding because the reality is a lot less exciting. Most people have heard of Data Centers, the warehouses filled with computers (fancily called servers) that big tech companies use. What many miss, is that the cloud and data centers are one in the same. When you save your photos to the cloud, you are sending them to a data center to be stored on one of the servers there. When you want to look at your photo, your phone sends a request…

An Honest And Actionable Review

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The hardest part of learning data science is deciding which language you wish to learn first. Too often, professionals looking to expand their data analysis toolbox are so paralyzed by this decision that they never make any progress. This is a tragedy that I wish to prevent. By the end of this article, you will know the best choice for you.

It’s important to your health that you know off the bat that there is no wrong answer. Both languages are Turing complete (which means they are both capable of solving any computational problem), both are widely used, and both…

Why Renewable Energy Project Engineers Should Study Data Science

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Renewable Energy Project Engineers have a lot of responsibility. They have to accurately predict the weather over the next 30+ years, design a power plant to minimize both construction and operation costs, and manage studies covering air space 500’ above ground to soil characteristics 30’ below it. With this diversity in workload comes a pressure for accuracy; small mistakes with these studies can be very costly. A 1% error in energy prediction for a 100MW facility can cost over $2 million in lifetime revenue.

Due to the range of tasks required, the ideal engineer must be well-rounded, with a strong…

Winter: Starting The Year With High Ambitions

Shivering as I make my way through the breathtaking skyline of downtown Chicago, I started my year investigating the origins of the universe. I listened to “pop science” audiobooks like A Brief History of Time and Until the End of Time while commuting to and from work. At home, on planes, and in hotels, I made my way through the occasional mathematical formula with books like The New Quantum Universe and Quantum Mechanics and Experience. If the place where Quantum Physics meets General Relativity is the “Physics of God”, I wanted to be able to talk to God directly. Hawking…

Brock Taute

Renewable Energy Data Scientist / Engineer. I believe most problems should be solved with data and the rest with dancing.

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